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If you're looking for ratings, we have another FAQ that covers this topic.

Otherwise, I'd say for all types of bonds probably your best bet is going to be to access the Bloomberg database terminal located in Mason Hall. There are a lot of different 'functions' in the database that could be relevant to this research. Perhaps your best starting point would be to type in 'bonds' into the command line and hit the <HELP> button to search the whole database. Bloomberg works off of mnemonics typed into the command line to call up particular functions. Some that might be relevant include:

  • SRCH - Fixed Income Search
  • FIT - Fixed Income Trading
  • WB - World Bond Markets
  • MSRC - Muni Bond Search
  • YA - Yield and Spread Analysis
  • NIM - New Issue Monitor

This database is great for looking up information, but please bear in mind that download capabilities are extremely limited.

If you would like further assistance, please contact the Business & Economics Librarian.

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