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Yes, we do, though they're generally in our more specialized databases.

  • The NetAdvantage database includes a section on 'Credit Ratings' on each company profile page. There is also a separate tab for 'Fixed Income' where you can explore other bond types including government debt.
  • The Mergent Investext database gives access to more detail via research reports, which you can limit by categories including 'credit research' and various types of fixed income.
  • In the Eikon database, you can go to a specific company profile, go to the 'Debt & Credit' tab and then click on the 'Issuer Ratings' page.
  • Lastly, the Bloomberg database (located in Mason Hall) provides access to Bloomberg composite ratings and more through their corporate profiles. There are two main functions to be aware of: RATC (Ratings Changes) gives you a list of ratings defaulting to the last thirty days which you can then filter by company name, ratings agency, ratings, country, industry, etc. You also have the option to search for ratings by date range, type, upgrade/downgrade, sector, country, company, etc. The second function of note is used when you have already loaded a particular security. Then you can use CRPR (Credit Rating Profile) to see Bloomberg, Moody's S&P and Fitch ratings associated with particular issues. 

You can also screen for bonds via Moody's and S&P Ratings through the FINRA Bond Screener tool.

Please contact the Business & Economics Librarian for further assistance.

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