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We do have some access, primarily through four databases:

  • Preqin: This is probably the best place to start as it has good data and is easily accessible online. We specifically subscribe tot he private equity and venture capital sections of this database. You can search for a list of private equity deals, limiting by location, investor type, strategy and more. Or, if you prefer, you can access summary chart and league tables.
  • CBInsights: Another database you can easily access online, focused on venture capital and angel investing. You can search by company, deals, or investors, filtering by industry, location, funding amounts or deal sizes, investor types and more.
  • Eikon: If you go to the SCREENER tool, you can choose 'Private Equity/VC' as the 'Universe' and screen for relevant deals/firms/funds. Within a particular company profile you can also navigate to 'Events' -- 'Transactions' -- 'Private Equity'. Any further details will be very limited, however.
  • Boomberg: We have a single terminal for access located in Mason Hall. Typing in PE <GO> into the command line will take you to the main Private Equity Overview page which will give you access to screening tools, market monitoring, benchmarking tools and more. Bloomberg often has data none of our other databases do, but downloading capabilities are extremely limited.

Please reach out to the Business & Economics Librarian if you would like further assistance. 

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